Handling Small Sharks

We've all seen the videos online of fishermen getting bitten, and often very injured, by small juvenile sharks. There are a few things to remember when handling these feisty, toothy critters to make sure both yourself and the animal remain uninjured.

When using circle hooks, the best practice to release these fish is using a de-hooking device, keeping the shark in the water, and your hands well away from its razor sharp teeth. If you catch the shark on an artificial lure where the hooks cannot be retrieved with the use of a de-hooker, just take your time and do not try to release the shark by yourself.

Once you have a safe, firm grip on it, have either the angler or another person on the boat use pliers to remove the hooks. This will ensure you will not lose control of the situation and end up with a ruined fishing trip and a hospital trip ending in stitches. 

To see the proper way to calmly, efficiently and safely handle a small shark, check out the video below.

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