#MacroMonday Fish: Revealed

#MacroMonday Revealed!

Know what the image is below?  Scroll down to find out.

The image above is a Macro shot of the side of a Blue Marlin.  Did you get it right?   Read on to find out much more about one of our favorite bill fish.

Were you were guessing what fish was featured in the close up photo on Instagram and Facebook? The answer was a Blue Marlin and the picture is from our last shoot in Venice, LA with Mexican Gulf Fishing Company.  If you guessed correctly, congrats! Blue Marlin are the largest of the Atlantic Marlins and are not only considered to be one of the largest fish in the world, but also one of the most sought after by anglers . 

Did you know that Atlantic Blue Marlin females grow significantly larger than males? Adults can weigh more than 1,900 pounds and reach lengths of 14 feet. That's like reeling in a flats skiff made of pure muscle. The average lifespan of a female blue marlin is 27 years and males live for only 18 years.

Blue Marlin are pelagic fish that are native to the tropical temperate waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. They feed primarily on mackerels, tunas, squids and the occasional mahi mahi. Although natural live baits are often rigged to catch these amazing sport-fish, artificial trolling lures are the bait of choice for many fishermen because they allow you to cover much more water than having to maintain live bait. 

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