Tuna At Hawks Cay

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S10:E6 - “Tuna At Hawks Cay” (2018)

Captain Steve and Captain Scott head out from Hawks Cay to the famed "Hump" for Blackfin Tuna

After quite a few seasons of scarce sightings for blackfin tuna, Steve and Scott are out on a quest for tuna near Duck Key by the famous “Hump”. After throwing quite a few amounts of bait in the open water, the tuna come out by the droves and the guys round them up quickly. Luckily for Steve and Scott, they were able to have a shark-free fishing experience, which is rare since sharks love to feed on tuna. Blackfin tuna, averaging about 20-30 pounds, are great to fish and, as Steve and Scott have noted, even better to eat. 

As always, we had Jason Stemple with us to document this trip in ultra high quality still photos.  Here are some of our favorites.  Enjoy!

Time for some Dolphin.

Time for some Dolphin.

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Capt. Scott Walker & Capt. Steve Rodger