Questions: Rod and Reel for Yellowfin

Aaron hit us up with an email. 

Hi my name is Aaron from boca raton and i want to go trolling for yellowfin tuna in the Bahamas but i don’t want to go and spend all of my money on penn internationals. Do you know of any alternative rod and reel combos and if so what kind of line should i spool it with.
                                    Aaron F.

This one is easy.

Shimano TLD 50W LRS. loaded with 80# braid. Best bang for the buck.

-Scott Walker

I hope that helps Aaron.  Send us a picture of that big Yellowfin.

Questions: Anchoring

Hi guys, I was watching the Dry Tortugas, it was a calm day, how many feet of anchor line did you use ?? If it would have been 3 to 5 feet would you have anchored and how mush line would you have used ?? Why don't you like to give your location ?? I would love to go there but I feel it's a waste of time if you haven't been there before !!!!!!  Love your show , I've pick up a great deal of information on different fishing solutions.   
Thanks  Ed

Hey Ed,

We use three times the depth of the water plus the length of the boat. If we told you where we fish there would no longer be any fish for us to film for you!

Thanks for watching the show!

Scott Walker

From Steve:

  3-5 footers are not a problem.  I personally like to use 6X the amount of line per depth. So, 100ft depth = 600 ft of line. The most important piece is the length of chain. When rough, the longer the better.   If it's calm you can usually get away with less.
You don't need GPS coordinates if you go to the fort, there are fish everywhere.  All we did was ride around and look for hard bottom. The whole place is a fish haven! Took maybe 30 minutes to find a spot.  
And the park rangers are very helpful and would be more than happy to point you in the right direction while there.
Thanks for your questions and good luck!
Capt. Steve

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