Scott Walker's Go-To Knot

It is hard to argue with Scott Walker's success rate.  His knots are strong, his tackle is meticulously rigged and cared for and his boat is impeccable.

When Scott says something works, it is best to listen.  You see, Scott doesn't take anyone's word for things that work.  He begins a process of testing and retesting until he is satisfied.  My experience with Scott is that his process takes alot longer than others and involves alot more testing.  

When you get on Scott's boat, every rod looks exactly the same.  Every leader is the same length and every knot is exactly the same.  This is no accident nor is it an OCD Captain gone crazy.  Scott has found precisely what works and replicates it every time.

His go-to knot for tying on a hook is the snell knot. 

Check out the way he ties it here: