Seaguar Loop Knot

The best application for this knot is to create a loop knot in very heavy monofilament or braided, coated wire, on either a lure or live bait hook. This knot is very easy to tie and only has a few steps.

You can see step by step video animated instruction on how to tie this knot by visiting

Step 1:

To start, tie a loose overhand knot using about 10" inches of working end protruding through the knot. 

Step 2: 

Feed the working end through the eye of the lure or hook.

Step 3:

Feed the working end back through the overhand knot and adjust to desired size.

Step 4:

Just past the first knot, make a second overhand knot around the standing line.

Step 5: 

Tighten the two individual knots and then slide them together, making a loop just in front of the lure or hook. 

Below are sequential visuals of steps 1 through 5. 

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