Cleaning and Cooking Red Snapper


Cleaning and Cooking Red Snapper

We get alot of questions about how to clean fish and how to cook it.  As professional fishermen, we are fortunate to be able to have a large supply of fish available to us year round. 

Red Snapper are one of the finest eating fish in the ocean and are available over a broad area.  You cant always keep them, but when you can, you are in for a treat. 

Steve Rodger shows you how to clean them and gives suggestions for how he likes to cook them both grilled and fried.  Steve is an advocate of simple recipes and gives you 2-3 ideas on how to clean and cook not only Red Snapper but also any of the Snappers and many other white meat fish.

Steve uses a 7 inch Bubba Blade and goes through exactly where to make the cuts and how to remove the skin.  Fileting a Red Snapper is extremely similar to tons of other fish and all the snapper family so if you need to brush up on your fish cleaning skills, check out this video. 

You can also go to our website and see the full length episode of us catching Red Snapper in Louisiana and see exclusive web content on all the gear we used and tons of other information only available at