How To Make A Perfect Haywire Twist, FAST!

When you watch a professional do something, they do it with practiced perfection.  It could be how a stone mason who has been doing his craft since he was 20 builds something.  It looks easy, smooth and effortless.  Watch how a professional golfer hits a chip shot, an artist draw a quick sketch...anything. 

Why does it look easy?  That is a very simple answer.  It looks easy because it is done with absolute practiced perfection.  What you are watching is muscle memory and fine tuned, refined techniques to get the absolute best results.

Fishing knots are no different than any of the other skills I mentioned above.  They require practice, lots of it.  When you do practice, your hands begin to move more efficiently and the knots get tied very quickly.

The Haywire Twist is a very easy knot to tie.  We use it anytime we are going to connect a swivel or hook to solid wire to prevent the toothy fish from cutting out line.  As a charter Captain and commercial fisherman in Key West, Steve Rodger fishes for King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Cero Mackerel, Wahoo, Barracuda, and Sharks.  Each of these fish will go through heavy fluorocarbon leader in seconds so he uses solid wire alot. 

This video is one of my favorites because it not only goes through the knot and shows you how to twist a few up, but the video goes further and shows you how fast a professional fisherman should be able to tie a Haywire Twist.

Watch how Steve's hands move and I believe that you will be able to tie them faster yourself.  Also notice how each one is identical to the next. 

Practice, Practice, Practice