How We Roll In Mexico-Blackfin Tuna Recipe

Scott Walker's Personal Blackfin Tuna Recipe From Mexico



1. Take the sweet shoulder meat of a medium blackfin and chill it for one hour then slice thin and serve with soy sauce and wasabi paste.



2. Make a pan out of foil ,double thick, and place rest of tuna sliced 1 inch thick on hot grill. Pour Old Bay liberally over it all. After 10 minutes flip fish  over and add some more Old Bay to taste. When spatula  can cut fish clean through it done. Use spatula to transfer directly to bowl.


3. Add mayo and finely  chopped sweet onions and peppers. Stir until coated with mayo.


4. Serve on freshest bread possible with a lime or lemon garnish and some hot sauce.

5. BAMM!

6. That's how we roll in Mexico.