Preserve Your Catch-Homemade Vacuum Sealer

We've all been there. You take out some of your previously caught fish from the freezer and defrost it for a meal, only to find that it is now unusable and spoiled. Fresh fish will only last a few days in the fridge, but freezing your catch properly will preserve it for months, if done the right way.

Vacuum sealing machines can not only be costly, but also, who wants to keep one of those clunky devices on the boat? One thing that is always close by a fisherman, is a standard five gallon bucket and water.  

Scott Walker has a trick to use nothing but a ziplock bag and a 5 gallon bucket of water to remove all air from the bag and create a very professional product.  It is genius and here is how you can seal anything right now with what you have in your kitchen.

Steps to Perfectly Sealed Fish Without A Machine

  1. Simply fill a third of your five gallon bucket with clean salt water

  2. Fill your plastic bag with freshly cut fish

  3. Zip the bag three-fourths of the way

  4. Submerge in the bucket, right to the zipper, but not over and then zip closed

The water in the bucket will push all of the air out of the bag, essentially vacuum sealing it perfectly for the freezer. 

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