How To Tie The Non Slip Mono Loop

The Non-Slip Mono Knot is a high strength knot developed by Lefty Kreh during his series of tests to create a strong loop knot. It was incorporated into the book "Practical Fishing Knots" which he co-authored with Mark Sosin. Accordingly it is quite often known as Lefty Kreh's Loop Knot. The Non-Slip Mono makes an extremely strong fixed loop in the end of the line. This is great because the loop doesn't grip the lure, making a flexible attachment that allows a more natural action of the lure.

The Non-Slip Mono is fairly easy to tie. Lefty Kreh discovered that the knot retains most of the mono line's rated strength and in some of his tests the actual strand of the mono line broke and the knot stayed in tact. Another advantage is that the tag end faces the hook " it doesn't catch grass and other things on the retrieve."

Captain Tom Rowland, of Saltwater Experience has a great video where he shows how to tie this great knot. You can find steps to tie this knot, and his video, below.

  1. Tie a loose overhand knot and pass the tag end through the eye, then back through the overhand knot.
  2. Wrap the tag end around the standing end about five times and back through the overhand knot.
  3. Lubricate, tighten, and trim the end.

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