Take a Kid Fishing

Take a Kid Fishing

I love taking children fishing, whether they are on a paid charter visiting the keys for the first time or a fun trip with my family, and favorite fishing partners, Vera and Baylin.  

I have been fishing children for years and it is very important that you focus on teaching them, and keeping them involved in the day.  It is not all about catching the biggest fish; it is about ‘hooking’ them on the experience and all that there is to see out on the water.  Here are some tips to make your trip great:


1.  I like to take the children to a place where they will be comfortable with the conditions and busy with action.  No one likes to get sick so be careful with the location.  Keep them close to shore if it is rough.

2. Get them involved with catching the bait, baiting their hooks and teach them the proper technique for reeling in their catch. 

Make it fun and they will be your fishing partner for years to come.

– Capt Steve Rodger