How to tie the Improved Clinch Knot

The Improved Clinch knot is one of the most widely used fishing knots. It is a great way to secure a fishing line to a hook, lure, or swivel. The "improved" version shown here includes an extra tuck under the final turn. The standard Clinch knot is tied by passing the line through the hook then turning it 5-7 times before putting the tag end back through the hole created between the hook and the first twist. 

This method works well on most lines, but on certain monofilaments and fluorocarbons, the knot will not stay tied.  The knot was improved when someone figured out that passing the line back through the larger loop a second time, lessens the chnaces of the knot slipping.

In the video below, Saltwater Experience’s, Tom Rowland, shows us the proper way to tie this extremely useful knot.

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