How To Tie The J Knot for Braid to Fluorocarbon

Ever find yourself wanting a simpler and better way to tie braid to a fluorocarbon leader? Captain Tom Rowland of Saltwater Experience has the answer for us. 

The J Knot was taught to Tom by Dave Justice, and has been a favorite of his because of its simplicity. It combines the best of 2 knots to create a strong, reliable, and quick knot for fluorocarbon to braid.

With the fluorocarbon, a uni knot is tied, and then an improved clinch knot with the braid.  One of the qualities Tom likes most about this knot is the small, smooth ramp that is formed by the braid, which helps the knot slip in and out of the guides easily.

Below, you will find a step by step video of the J Knot. Master this knot and we are positive it'll become your go to line-to-line knot.