Steve Rodger's New 2018 Yellowfin 36 Rigged With Dual 350 Mercury Verados, Simrad, Seadek

I am very excited about my new 36 Yellowfin that I just built. This boat is great for offshore and some inshore like getting into the channels and the sandbar. There are some key features that I wanted on my boat:

  1. I wanted twin Mercury Verado motors. A lot of people are used to having 3 motors on a 36 due to having to cover a lot of millage for offshore fishing. There is plenty of power and strength with 2 motors, and in the Keys I don’t have to run as far to get to the fish. This is why I chose to go with 2 350 Verados rather than 3.

  2. This boat is built with 3 live wells, we have a back transom well that is very easy to open the latch to grab a few baits where you don’t have to lean over to get them out. The other well is a floor well. The reason we like this is because when we throw the net we can easily transfer the bait into the floor well. Lastly we have the leaning-post-well which we use mostly as a drink cooler but it can be filled easily.

  3. I updated with all the new Simrad NSS Evo3. I couldn’t be happier with all of the Simrad functions and abilities it has to put us on the fish. This technology is by far the best Simrad product to date.

  4. I have a dual station that opens like a sunroof. I can drive from there or simply get a better vantage point and look down onto the fish.

  5. I installed SeaDek all over the entire boat. As we age we started wearing shoes because our backs and knees couldn’t handle being barefoot like we used to when we were kids. I have noticed that since putting on SeaDek I have not been as tired at the end of a day of fishing and as a plus the SeaDek is super easy to clean.

  6. I installed the new bait well system from Hooker Electric - there is a lot involved in keeping different types of bait healthy and the pump has a dial to adjust the flow rate.

The rest is pretty standard. All Yellowfin Yachts have the most incredible rigging and attention to detail. Now all we need to do is get her bloody and dirty. Stay tuned!

Until next time,

Steve Rodger