How to Properly Spool a Spinning Reel with Braid


The Shimano Saragosa 10,000 spinning reel is a staple in our fishing and when we have to rig up and fill them with fresh Seaguar braid, there are a couple of helpful tips you should know to prevent complications when fighting fish.

These reels are water resistant and provide a extremely comfortable drag. They have all the right specifications to make them perfect to tackle the toughest of species with up to 44 pounds of drag to stop even the meanest offshore fish.

In this video, Steve goes through the rigging step by step giving some great tips on how to spool the reel with 50 pound Seaguar Threadlock braid.


  • X-Ship: For efficient gear engagement, extended gear longevity, and increased castability

  • X-Tough Drag: Cross carbon, waterproof, twin drag all models

  • Water resistant with X-Shield and X-Protect, with body gasket seal, anti-rev bearing cover

  • Paladin Gear durability enhancement and Propulsion line management system

  • S A-RB Shielded ball bearings and graphite Rotor

  • Aluminum frame, cold forged aluminum spool, and machined aluminum handle shank

  • Super Stopper II Anti-Reverse and power roller III line roller

  • Direct drive mechanism, and dyna balance

  • Fluidrive II

  • Waterproof drag

  • Dartainium II drag washers

  • Ergonomic handle grips

  • Septon handle grips

  • Approved for saltwater use

The Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Core Braid is a high performance line that features 16 strands in a high-density weave for amazing tensile and impact strength. This braided fishing line is exceptionally strong and smooth with unmatched abrasion resistance. Hollow core for easy knotless leader connections to Seagaur Fluorocarbon Leader material. Big Game beware.

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