How to Prevent Seasickness

Tips for ‘land lubbers’ and ‘old salts’ to prevent sea sickness.
Many of our clients down here in the Keys are here for less than a week. These clients typically have an action packed adventure planned with fishing, diving, watersports and of course time on world famous Duval Street.  We do book lots of charters with folks whom fish regularly, but many of our guests are often new to salt water fishing on the open ocean.  You can find some of the best fishing in the world in the keys – but we also do have winds that impact us year round.  Be prepared when you come down for your trip, and do not let your activities or choices prior to your trip ruin a great day on the water.  Here are some simple tips to help prevent ‘turning green’ and ‘praying to the fish gods’ to stop the sea sickness on your fishing trip:

1. Eat sensible the night prior and morning of the trip.  Go easy on the hot wings at dinner and have a light breakfast, do not over eat at the hotel buffet, and easy on the grease.

2.  For those 21 and older, limit your adult beverage intake the night prior to the trip and get a good night sleep.

3. If you’re uncertain of the effects of the sea, take some motion sickness medicine, there are many types, pills, and bands, patches etc. - I recommend a pill like Dramamine or Bonine, take ½ of a pill the night prior before bed and  ½ a pill when you wake up with breakfast. This will limit the main side effect- Drowsiness.

4. Pack a light lunch and plenty of water.  Pretzels are good at stabilizing the stomach.

Have fun, and catch 'em up.

Captain Steve Rodger