Mercury Verado | Supreme Corrosion Resistance | 2.5x Quieter

Into The Shop - Mercury Verado brought to you by West Marine.

Mercury Verado - The Best Corrosion Resistance in the industry. 2.5x quieter than the competition. Learn why Verado is the best choice for saltwater.

Whether you’re out tournament fishing/charter fishing/ or just out boating, you have to have a reliable engine. Mercury Marine is the most innovative in reliability and corrosion resistance. They come with a 3 year factory warranty in corrosion resistance. They have 2x as much stainless steel as any other competitors.

They also have less Copper, which is what changes color in many engines. On top of everything their engine is 2.5 times quieter than any other engine. They have an even number of pistons which makes the engine quieter and you won’t even know its running.

Check out Mercury Marine, they get it right,

Capts Steve Rodger & Scott Walker

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