Shimano | ColtSniper

Into The Shop - Shimano brought to you by West Marine.

When we are heading offshore, whether in the Gulf or the Atlantic, I enjoy topwater fishing because of the visual of the bite. We do a lot of casting of plugs which allows for more personal situation with the fish. It’s a little bit harder to get a bite on an artificial versus live bait. The new Shimano ColtSniper Stick Bait and Jerk Baits have weight propulsion systems for casting.

As you load the rod up, the weight shifts to the rear of the lure allowing you to sling it a much further distance to busting fish. You will be able to make way longer casts, you can stay further back to not spook the fish, not scare the fish and you will have a lot more strikes on the artificial lures.

See you on the water,

Steve Rodger