About Into The Blue

We had the chance to sit down with Tom Rowland of Saltwater Experience and be on his podcast. We got to talk about our stories and how we started the Into The Blue show. If you are interested in listening you can listen to the podcast at the top of this page.

We talked about our advice for being on the water and have been quoted saying, “If you love being out there, and I think that’s the majority of it…you really and truly can see something for the first time every day…You can’t predict it…and that keeps you fired up.”

We had the pleasure of Jake Perry joining us on the podcast, he does all of the underwater filming for the show. During the time of the podcast we actually had an incident where Jake was filming us fish for a swordfish and he got between the fish and the boat. Usually he will stay outside of the fish and boat so we can keep the fish from him. But this time he got caught in the middle.

There was footage of the swordfish attacking him and luckily it hit the camera and not him. But the bill broke off and Jake was able to get away safely. We talk about that story in the podcast but you can read more about it here: Swordfish Stab Survivor.

It was such a joy to be on the podcast and we enjoyed the feedback we received from it. Thanks to all who listened, be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

See you on the water,

Steve Rodger & Scott Walker