Sandbar Sharks

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S11:E10 - “Sandbar Sharks” (2019) - An overabundance of sharks makes life more difficult for Capt. Scott Walker & Capt. Steve Rodger.

Winter was coming for this episode and bait fishing was getting tougher and tougher but we didn’t want to give it up. We headed out to a wreck to go tuna fishing and the word on dock was that there were some nice tunas at the wreck which was super deep. We were able to hold the bottom and it wasn’t too windy and we were able to see some tunas showing up.

But then the current shifted and we weren’t able to hold the tunas attention. But unfortunately once we got a good fish on it got eaten by a shark. Scott usually gets so frustrated by the Bull Sharks but I introduced him to a whole new species to be frustrated by.

We both had run-ins with the sandbar sharks and our outfit was not prepared for that size of fish but we were able to handle them well and fight the sharks. We did keep doing our thing and dropping to the bottom and the sharks were biting every time. Its not a slam dunk every time, with the current going in the way that we weren’t hoping for, we still got some tuna but they were a little smaller. It was still cool to catch some sharks, its something that a lot of people don’t usually see.

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As always, we had Jason Stemple with us to document this trip in ultra high quality still photos.  Here are some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

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Capt. Scott Walker & Capt. Steve Rodger