Skyrocketing Kingfish

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S11:E7 - “Skyrocketing Kingfish” (2019) - Join Scott Walker and Steve Rodger as they bring us the exceitment of the Skyrocketing Kingfish.

We headed out from Ocean’s Edge Resort and Marina to go looking for some Kingfish. Scott and I were moving pretty quickly trying to beat the cold front that we saw coming in on our Simrad Unit. We were staying ahead of the storm with confidence, we could let it come within 60 miles of us before we would need to head out.

With situations like we had on that day (a storm 130 miles out, and having to go 50 miles offshore towards the storm) it was super important that we were prepped and ready to get out there, catch what we needed and get back before the storm. We were able to track the location and speed of the storm and calculate that we had 2 hours to catch what we could and get back home. We were super calculated, as Scott said, “surgical” and we did not have to wait long before we got some bites.

Kingfish have razor-sharp teeth and in cases of dealing with them it’s important to know How To Handle Dangerous Fish Like A Pro. For toothy fish like Kingfish their mouth is designed to chop bones in half and it will work just fine on your fingers. These fish are either gaffed right behind the head if they are going to be kept or grabbed by the tail and supported under the belly to pick up and take out the hook. Alternatively, they can be handled by the gill plate if you know how to avoid the gill rakers.

Back at the resort Scott and I went over some of our favorite ways to prepare Kingfish, you can check out our recipe of Smoked Kingfish Spread or Scott’s Thanksgiving Side Dish.

Check out the Into The Shop with the Shimano ColtSniper Artificial Bait

As always, we had Jason Stemple with us to document this trip in ultra high quality still photos.  Here are some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

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Capt. Scott Walker & Capt. Steve Rodger